I would have also included the following in the “to” line, if I would have been able to locate their email addresses: Michael Reagan, Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Ron Paul, Mitch McConnel, and any other articulate conservative leaders we may have… though I am by no means limiting the message to just you, or them. I believe that this question needs to go out to every Constitutionally minded citizen in the country.

Today we are seeing events unfold I never in my lifetime would have ever dreamt could possibly come to fruition…what amounts to a direct frontal assault on the foundation of our country & the socialization of ever increasing segments of our lives. And it’s transpiring fast enough that the detrimental effects of each intrusion are not being felt soon enough for any sort of a public outcry – before the next intrusion. They are coming in waves it seems. How can this be?

I have no doubt that soon enough, that public outcry will come…but at what cost? If we stopped Obama’s socialization machine TODAY, how long would it take to undo what he has managed in only a hundred and something days? We have already placed our great great grandchildren in debt. And whenever the left wing radicals espouse their malarkey about this being an inherited mess from GWB (we all know that GWB WAS in fact a very poor leader in many ways, but …), why is it no one SCREAMS that Obama has only served to not only make it better but that he has made and continues to make it exponentially worse? Even the Washington Post published data showing the graphic nature of the absurd increase our debt that Obama is incurring.

WE the people need a voice.. WE need a UNIFYING .. MOBILIZING voice – and I really do not believe that it will ever happen with individuals… but only with a crescendo of the collective leadership in place.

And guys? Hannity was RIGHT when he said the other day that EVERY representative needed to be listening to his interview with Rush. Limbaugh.. whether you like him or not.. whether you believe him to be PC or not.. inflammatory or not.. is RIGHT. He is bloody DEAD on. And WE have GOT to STOP sugar coating it.

WE also have to STOP getting caught up in the extraneous political nonsense. We’ve got to STOP getting drawn into the political death traps the liberal media puts in our paths. And damn it, we have GOT to STOP bowing to the left wing establishment & walking on egg shells.

If we don’t all stand in unison, and scream with a single voice at the tops of our patriotic lungs that our forefathers, and brothers in arms did not die in vain… that WE WILL stand up and be counted & will NOT let our Constitution wither quietly away… then, we will deserve the socialistic fate that awaits us at the end of this dismal road.

WE can no longer afford to let politics or political correctness.. petty differences.. or fear.. separate the leaders.. YOU.. YOU are the leaders here. PLEASE WORK TOGETHER!! SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE!!! WE will. We WILL listen.

If you collectively mobilize, and call US to action.. we WILL move. Have faith in your constituents, your listeners! WORK TOGETHER. As long as YOU are fractured, WE will be fractured.

Now.. what can I do to help? I will give you my time, my resources…whatever it takes to help ignite OUR grassroots network. Please, this is not rhetorical. It is as honest and impassioned a plea as I have ever made. Blogs? Emails? Websites? Flyers? What?

Semper Fi –

Chris Beall
Baton Rouge, LA