I urge you to contact your representatives and email them the below message (bold font), if you agree that this is dangerous legislation:

The gist of what it does that I see as being so subversive is that is gives the Attorney General (Mr. Eric Holder: someone that has already declared a desire to “disarm America”) the power to deny transfer of firearm to anyone he deems to be a potential terrorist (and if you recall the recent Homeland Security report regarding domestic terrorism? And who it deemed to be potential terrorists?)

Please, whatever your position, write your reps. Call your senators. Petition those in office. Be politically active. Make your voice heard.

H.R. 2159, The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009″: The language in this proposed legislation is clearly & undeniably unconstitutional – and I (a law abiding citizen of the United States of America, and as importantly: your constituent) stand in strong opposition to it. Please contact me via email or phone to confirm that you plan to not only vote against this resolution if it is brought to the floor for vote – but to oppose the its advancement and the advancement of its agenda at every turn.”

“Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country.” John Adams