The final tally for the American Clean Energy & Security Act 2009 (aka “cap and trade” bill)? 219 ayes / 212 nos – all it would have taken to vote down was FOUR votes. Here is the final roll call: Please contact your Congressperson and let them know how you feel about their vote on the matter (good or bad).

It is not over yet though. The bill still has to clear the Senate, so please.. Call. Write. Email. Blog. Send smoke signals if you need to…but let your Senator know that you OPPOSE THIS LEGISLATION.

What would final passage of this measure mean? Let Obama tell you himself:

In his own words, Obama says utility costs will, “skyrocket”…as he is “capping greenhouse gasses”, and that coal, natural gas, and other energy plants operational costs would soar, and then, “pass on those costs to the consumer”. And this is not a trickledown effect mind you. You.. the consumer.. will feel the full brunt of this in almost every single fathomable arena.

If this bill passes the Senate then it will be the largest single tax increase in American history. Your food cost is going to also skyrocket. Domestic textiles will go through the roof.. though, the few that are here won’t be here for long… so not to worry. But then there will be massive surcharges on the importation, as the tax on the fuel the tankers utilize to ….Speaking of…. Your travel costs? Yep. You can no longer afford to travel under this new legislation.

It puts the governments tentacles in still other new and exciting areas of private industry. Areas you don’t want it…. or maybe you do?

This bill is over 1200 pages long. There was a 300 page amendment submitted at 3am the night before the House vote. This is legislation that can ostensibly alter the very fabric of this country…this can shake the bedrock of America. Even if you agreed with everything you know about this bill already…would you really want your Representative voting for something they have not read? Would you vote “yes” on something you have not read? Do you trust anyone that much?