The above hyperlink is to a site that is looking for positive feedback on the President’s plans to nationalize healthcare. And it is a very one sided thing. If you look around that site in general, there is practically no way to voice your opposition – though there are a number of different ways to voice your support. This particular link is the only way that I have found where you can actually utilize the First Amendment & say what you think. I would urge you all to go there and make your voice heard. Additionally, write to your Senators and your Representatives…as well as the Senate Committee on Health, Labor & Pensions – more commonly known as “H.E.L.P.” Their email address is: This is the committee that will consider any legislation on the issue).

Here is what I told them yesterday:

Yes, our country is in dire need of healthcare reform, but not the type of reform that further inserts government into our lives. There has not been a single government solution for broad social dilemmas that has yet to work out (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Welfare, etc…) The answer to our problems today is most assuredly not an increased measure of government control.
If you want to do your jobs on Capitol Hill, and act in support of an empowered People, and a limited government as envisioned by free Americans throughout our history – you can work on Tort reform (a legal problem that is going to take a legal solution – this should be right up your alley). Of its own accord it would serve to substantially lower physicians malpractice costs, and thereby significantly reduce the burden on the end recipients. Additionally – fix the programs already in existence, and stop the rampant fraud…or remove them altogether. This would also go a very long way in solving the problems before Us.  

And stop citing twisted and outright bogus statistics.. 47 million uninsured? That is a very misleading number..

The real number is more likely somewhere in the range of 11 million, depending upon how you interpret the data – Judge for yourself though, I have attached the source data below from the US Census Bureau. And while that is most certainly an issue that has got to be dealt with, it is a far cry from what you regularly espouse as fact.   

Here are two separate interpretations of the data above.

As a veteran of a foreign war, I have seen firsthand what a national system can be (the VA is far from efficient)… as an American, I have watched Canadians and Brits flock to our soil to partake in OUR system. And as an informed citizen, I have read about the countless times the rest of the world has turned to us, the United States of America, for knowledge as we ARE the leaders in all medical fields.
And to those that would cry out that we are the only civilized country that does not have a nationalized health plan…  One final thought.. the oath of office is very simple for both the executive, and the legislative branches…it mostly just talks about the protection and defense of our Constitution (which in turn protects We the People)… and our Constitution is a document meant to limit government and empower the People..

Is this plan in keeping with those principles? No…the “moral imperative” here is to stop the madness, and return the true leaders of this country to power: the People.

Since when do we try to conform to other platforms? From our very inception, we Americans have always broken away from the pack… thought.. and acted.. INDEPENDENTLY.. that is perhaps one of the greatest characteristics of what it means to BE American; perhaps something to bear in mind as we celebrate this INDEPENDENCE DAY. We have always been the trend-SETTERS…that very trait has helped define the greatness of this nation!