Healthcare Reform: Alternatives
August 4, 2009

Those proponents of H.R. 3200 are quite vocal about the “opposition” not having an alternative solution to table. I have several thoughts on that:

  • This is not a new issue. It has been hotly contested for many years.
    • The problems that we have in the system as it stands today did not appear overnight; nor will they be repaired by some magical solution that no one has actually read, much less considered and debated.
  • A great many of the problems in our current system can all be fairly directly tied back to Medicare, and Medicaid (a.k.a., “public options”).
    • We will not repair the broken system with more broken parts.
  • It is openly admitted by the White House the reason they want to push this legislation through with such urgency is that if allowed to be dissected and analyzed, it will be not become law.
    • ANY piece of legislation that cannot stand scrutiny does not need to be even considered.

And while I am certain there are other reasonable proposals, I know of at least one Congressman that does have alternative solutions. Representative Bill Cassidy (R, LA) is actually a practicing medical doctor.

He stands in opposition to the currently proposed legislation primarily because it does not do anything that it claims to.

I implore you to read for yourself however, and don’t take mine, Congressman Cassidy’s, or anyone else’s for it. I assure you that no matter your political affiliation, you will be nauseated (unless you happen to be amenable to the idea of a completely socialistic society well on its way to becoming a full blown fascist state, in which case you will find it quite pleasing).

To my mind, the single most important thing that Congressman Cassidy insists upon (regardless of what level of reform is adopted) is that the “patients” are empowered. Here is a short video clip of his opening remarks regarding H.R. 3200 – July 15, 2009.

Please use the links on this page to read the bills get informed and to CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES – and do not just do it once. Write them. Call them. And do so as often as you can. If our freedoms are taken from us, they will be taken forever.

If you would like to hear more about what Congressman Cassidy has to say about healthcare reform (both his position on H.R. 3200, as well as his propositions), you can find additional videos of him speaking, HERE.