Fallen Heroes Saturday, Aug 15 2009 

Fallen Heroes
August 15, 2009

Last year was the first memorial Run for the Fallen. It was a way to honor those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who have died in service to the United States during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. A group of guys got together and ran (literally) across the country, planting a flag every mile along the way for our fallen heroes.

While they were running, they asked for help and on August 24, 2008, “Over 9,000 participants ran over 35,000 miles in remembrance of those fallen in OIF and OEF.”

This year, we are running again. “On the weekend of August 22 & 23, 2009, we are encouraging anyone, wherever they are, to go out and run/walk one mile for a fallen service member killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Similar to our Final Day event in 2008, we will post runs here, in order!, by state and country. Please email contact@runforthefallen.org with information about your run. Our goal is to again have all 50 states participate. Last year, there were over 9,000 participants in nine countries, including the US, running a combined total of almost 36,000 miles. Help us to continue to honor and remember our service members, bringing people and communities together. Together, let us Run for the Fallen. Download a runner’s bib that you can wear when you run for the fallen.

Even if there is no organized group event in your area, please do not let that stop you from running that weekend and logging your miles for our fallen heroes…wherever you may be.

And here in southern Louisiana and Mississippi we have one of our own to run for. On August 2, 2009 SFC Severin West Summers III was killed in action while fighting for our freedom.     

 sev2 copy


Sev was a lot of things to a lot of people (a fact testified to by more than 500 people that attended his visitation this past Thursday), and while it is almost never wise to speak for a crowd that large, I feel quite safe in saying that to everyone there he was brother or friend… son or uncle… husband or father… and down to the last person, he was & is HERO to us all.

So please, print your runners bib, and go run on August 22 & 23 for Sev – and for all of our fallen Heroes. Log your miles send them into contact@runforthefallen.org

Semper Fi!

Sons of Liberty  


Healthcare Reform Tuesday, Aug 4 2009 

Healthcare Reform: Alternatives
August 4, 2009

Those proponents of H.R. 3200 are quite vocal about the “opposition” not having an alternative solution to table. I have several thoughts on that:

  • This is not a new issue. It has been hotly contested for many years.
    • The problems that we have in the system as it stands today did not appear overnight; nor will they be repaired by some magical solution that no one has actually read, much less considered and debated.
  • A great many of the problems in our current system can all be fairly directly tied back to Medicare, and Medicaid (a.k.a., “public options”).
    • We will not repair the broken system with more broken parts.
  • It is openly admitted by the White House the reason they want to push this legislation through with such urgency is that if allowed to be dissected and analyzed, it will be not become law.
    • ANY piece of legislation that cannot stand scrutiny does not need to be even considered.

And while I am certain there are other reasonable proposals, I know of at least one Congressman that does have alternative solutions. Representative Bill Cassidy (R, LA) is actually a practicing medical doctor.

He stands in opposition to the currently proposed legislation primarily because it does not do anything that it claims to.

I implore you to read for yourself however, and don’t take mine, Congressman Cassidy’s, or anyone else’s for it. I assure you that no matter your political affiliation, you will be nauseated (unless you happen to be amenable to the idea of a completely socialistic society well on its way to becoming a full blown fascist state, in which case you will find it quite pleasing).

To my mind, the single most important thing that Congressman Cassidy insists upon (regardless of what level of reform is adopted) is that the “patients” are empowered. Here is a short video clip of his opening remarks regarding H.R. 3200 – July 15, 2009.

Please use the links on this page to read the bills get informed and to CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES – and do not just do it once. Write them. Call them. And do so as often as you can. If our freedoms are taken from us, they will be taken forever.

If you would like to hear more about what Congressman Cassidy has to say about healthcare reform (both his position on H.R. 3200, as well as his propositions), you can find additional videos of him speaking, HERE.


James D. Caldwell Saturday, Jun 13 2009 

The Honorable James D. Caldwell
Attorney General of Louisiana
1885 North 3rd St.
Baton Rouge, L

Dear Attorney General Caldwell,

I am writing to thank you for your part in the defense of our individual and our collective Second Amendment rights by your standing in, “…opposition to the reinstatement of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994’s semi-automatic firearms prohibition, which is commonly referred to as the assault weapons ban.”

Your actions as well as your position are noted, and are appreciated. In an era where our Constitutional liberties and freedoms seem to be under ever increasing attack at the federal level, there is some measure of comfort in knowing that our chief law enforcement officer in the state is diligently standing in the gap to insure our rights are not stripped.

For as long as your office supports and defends our Constitution (not limiting that statement to any one right) you shall have my support. Thank you sir.

Enclosure: JUNE11.STATE.AG.LTR.pdf (June 11th State Attorneys General letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder)


Chris Beall
Baton Rouge, LA

Tea Party Day!!!! Wednesday, Apr 15 2009 

FYI: today from 1PM to 3PM on the steps of the State Capitol is the “Baton Rouge Tea Party”. It is a protest against fiscal irresponsibility, and the so called “stimulus package”; against ever increasing federal control of private industry; and against the wholesale stripping of our Constitution of its original intent (that our countries govt. be controlled by the people, and NOT the other way around…the govt. controlling the people.)

And although I doubt very many sources would be as aggressive as I am in how I think of it, but I think I could make the (valid) argument that we are once again facing “taxation without representation”. You try to contact your elected representatives; see if you don’t agree…

IF you are not in Baton Rouge, I am quite certain that there is a “Tea Party” near you…it is a nationwide thing. I sincerely hope you make your voice heard today.

 “The Constitution is not an instrument for government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government—
lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Patrick Henry

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people, committed citizens, can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that EVER has.”
Margaret Mead