Sotomayor Opposition Thursday, Jul 30 2009 

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RE: Sonya Sotomayor Senate Confirmation Vote


As I have enumerated in earlier letters to you on the subject, there are multiple reasons that you should choose to vote “NO” on the confirmation of Sonya Sotomayor. Still another such reason that I have not yet touched on is Judge Sotomayor’s un-constitutional position on Second Ammendment rights.

Sotomayor’s judicial track record on the Second Ammendment, “…together with her unwillingness or inability as an appellate judge to engage in any analysis of this enumerated right when twice given the opportunity to do so including most recently after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision last year in District of Columbia v. Heller suggest either a lack of understanding of Second Amendment jurisprudence or hostility to the right. Either possibility should be of grave concern to this committee, as it is to me and millions of other gun owners.

Two very specific examples of Sotomayor’s disregard for individual rights are:

And the confirmation hearings did nothing to alter her stance on the subject, nor did they shed further light. The Wall Street Journal said, “…Judge Sotomayor … was clear as mud during the hearings, but her circular tautology on gun rights is notable because of cases in lower courts that could reach the Supreme Court. Heller dealt with a Washington, D.C. statute and thus federal law.”

Our Constitutional rights are in danger of being extinguished on an ever increasing number of fronts; we cannot allow someone with as little regard for those rights as Sonya Sotomayor, to be confirmed to the position of Supreme Court Justice. Senators, if you take your oath of office seriously on any level, you must cast a “NO” vote on the confirmation of Sonya Sotomayor.

Chris Beall
Baton Rouge, LA

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Thank You Friday, Jun 5 2009 

Senator Vitter,

Thank you for your response sir. Please also consider the following:

In your message below you mention that you also, “…have concerns with statements she (Sotomyor) has made that indicate she may engage in judicial activism and legislate from the bench…” (emphasis mine of course)

Senator? I am not an extremist. I’m a registered independent that traditionally rides the fence somewhere between the left & the right. But more and more lately, I find myself being galvanized to the right out of stark terror at what I am seeing transpire before my eyes. And even the consideration of someone for Supreme Court Justice such as Sonya Sotomayor only serves to magnify those fears.

There can be no doubt about Sotomayor; her own words leave no doubt. What is possibly left to “consider”?

You have an opportunity here Senator, to be a voice of reason in an ever maddening political arena. I have faith that your values are solid, and that you take your oath to protect and defend the Constitution with grave seriousness. Please, bear that in mind as you summon the resolve to meet this challenge (and that of the many other recent attacks on the bedrock of our great country).

Chris Beall


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Subject: Responding to your message

  Dear Friend,

 Thank you for contacting me in opposition to the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.



United States Senator

As you know, President Obama has nominated Judge Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court, which requires confirmation by the Senate. Now I will study her record and philosophy carefully.

Like you, I have concerns with statements she has made that indicate she may engage in judicial activism and legislate from the bench rather than simply interpreting and applying the law and the Constitution, which is the proper role of a Supreme Court justice. Rest assured I will keep your thoughts in mind as I carefully review Judge Sotomayor’s record and views during the confirmation process.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about any other issue important to you.